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The Kerala HC orders to speed up the rape investigation of Mayookha Johny’s friend

Kerala High Court

On 19th July 2021, Kerala High Court’s single bench of Justice V. Shircy called for the investigating officer’s report in the matter of Olympian Mayookha Johny’s complaint regarding the rape of her friend in 2016. The police submitted a report to Kerala High Court wherein it was stated that the alleged rape lacks scientific evidence and that the police only had circumstantial evidence.

The Court directed to speed up the investigation after the petitioner claimed that the accused is a high profile one there was a possibility of influencing the police and the ongoing investigation. The petition was filed on 3rd May 2021 by the victim alleging that CC Johnson broke into her residence on 9th July 2016 and raped her. It was also contended that after the incident he threatened to publish her nude photos and videos and used to abuse her regularly over the phone.

The Public Prosecutor submitted that the investigation had been transferred to Crime Branch on 5th July 2021 as per the order from State Police Chief. On 8th July 2021, they had submitted the recorded statements from the victim, her mother, and the doctor who conducted the medical examination. A special team was formed by the Crime Branch specifically to investigate the matter. Also, investigators seized several cellphones incidental to the crime. The Court ordered the prosecutor to include all these details in a report and submit it before the next hearing.

Earlier during the first hearing, the District Police Chief of Thrissur G. Poonguzhali IPS was directed to file a report regarding the status of the investigation. The said report was submitted in the present hearing according to which a report of the victim’s statement was submitted and the scene mahazar was prepared. Whereas the submitted medical report stated that there was no external injury found. Furthermore, the call data records could not be retrieved as the network provider informed that they only preserve data for 1 year.

Thereafter, a special investigating team was constituted with women officers headed by the Deputy Superintendent of Police of the District Crime Branch. Whereas police refused the claim that the investigation had been influenced by the accused.

The next hearing is scheduled for 30th July 2021.

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