Founder and Managing Editor

"A Lawyer whose feet are on the ground, speech to the bench and justice at heart."

–Manisha Chava, ACIArb


Akshay regularly appears in various Courts and Tribunal proceedings pertaining to Corporate, Civil and Constitutional Laws.

-Akshay Joshi

Senior Editor

"First-gen advocate with a strong drive to excel at everything I touch while adhering to competitive deadlines."

-Manisha Sharma

Senior Editor

"As a first-gen advocate, I love to explore new laws, their impact on the society and lacunaes. Always open to fair criticism."

-Shubham Sharma

Senior Editor

“I am a practicing advocate because greyness of law intrigues me”

-Simran Goel

Senior Editor

“As a practicing Advocate, I believe representing people’s intrests as an officer of the Court is a divine responsibility.”

-Varun Solshe

Senior Editor

"An inquisitive advocate who aspires to be a Global lawyer, and thrives in comprehension, expression, determination and persistence."

-Jivika Jolly